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In order to brace the world for a grim death toll, countries across the globe are practicing lockdown to slow down the Covid-19 progression. So, it’s pretty evident that you won’t be able to take out your dog for a trip or a long walk in the park. However, exercise is not just a nicety. It’s a necessity for managing the optimal physical and mental health of your beloved four-legged friend. Surprisingly enough, around 20-40 percent of dogs in the United States are overweight, with many being diagnosed as clinically obese. And this prevents them from enjoying any form of physical activity while decreasing their overall speed and stamina along increasing their vulnerability to a lot of medical conditions. 

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…

My dog is in his best shape and health. It would not matter even if he does not do the usual exercise routine? Well, if there are no physical threats in line, consider the behavior aspects of a lack of exercise. Dogs have an active lifestyle naturally. They are genetically programmed to be like that. If you prevent them from doing their natural activities, it will result in a frustration build up. And they will start exhibiting this anger in the form of barking, digging, tail chasing, or any home destruction. 

So, in these desperate times, you need to keep your pooch from going stir-crazy by involving him in certain fun-filled indoor activities. Here are a few creative examples of exercises that you can opt for during the lockdown.

Fetch And Tug of War 

I know the feeling. You must be thinking that these games are meant to be played outside. However, if you have enough area in your house, you can bring these games inside and keep your dog active. This way, both of you can use this time to bond well while keeping up with the daily routine without a miss. You can start with fetching a ball that dogs completely adore. However, make sure to use a soft toy or softball to toss around. Or else you might end up breaking valuable items. You can use long hallways, stairs, or couches to make the workout a bit interesting. 

For the tug of war, you can use an old cloth piece. However, make sure to be a little conscious as it could bring out an aggressive behavior of your dog. You must have a good rapport with your companion if you want to have fun during this activity. If done well, it will help your dog in matters of self-control.

Set up an Indoor Obstacle Course 

It is one of the best agility exercises that will help you to maintain the physical and mental health of your dog. For this, you can clear out your living room and turn your house into an exercise center. Create your unique makeshift obstacle course using a broom, blankets, plastic bowls, and others that can be ideal for this activity. If you don’t want to use your item, you can also purchase the agility set online.

It does not matter if your dog is a pro or has no such experience. You can use simple tricks that you can teach on your own. Start your course with simple jumps, tunnels, and you will both get professional in no time.

Treadmill Workout Session

Some dogs require more than just a stroll to stay fit and healthy. A treadmill will help you to give your dog the necessary cardio workout. Moreover, you can prevent any form of distractions and control their terrain while doing so. Imagine you are hopping on a best recumbent exercise bike while your dog is enjoying his stroll on the treadmill—a great way to bond with your companion. 

If it’s the first time, let your pooch settle to the process by setting the speed at a minimum, and once he gets the hang of it, increase the momentum accordingly. Give him treats in between to motivate him to stay on the treadmill. And you don’t need any particular doggo treadmill, the one you are using is just fine. However, a lot of companies are selling specialized treadmills for dogs. The choice is entirely yours.

Hide And Seek

Gone are the days when hide and seek was supposed to be a child’s play. You can use this game to build your dog’s health. And guess what it will ensure to teach him “recall training” sessions. Also, if you have kids around, it can be a game that will spread happiness throughout. You can start by asking your dog to sit while others hide around. Once everyone is done hiding, command your dog to come and find you. 

He will have a blast while searching and hunting every participant on his own. However, make sure that everyone has treats in place to give him when they are discovered. The idea is simple—a fun-filled workout session for your beloved companion.

Climbing Stairs

Anyone who has a fair idea about cardio workout sessions would know that stairs are an example of a great cardio workout. So, if you have carpeted steps at your place, make use of them to tire your pooch. Leash your dog in the beginning if he is not familiar with the concept of moving across the steps. And gradually let him do it on your own. This particular session will help to build his muscles. You can join the fun to motivate your dog. After all, you also need your fair share of the work out routine amid the lockdown to stay healthy.

Final Thoughts 

The world is under lockdown to prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. However, that does not mean you have to apply the same rule for your pet as well. To keep up with your dog’s health, you need to find means and ways to strengthen their muscles and sharpen their agility. Make him run, jump, and play, or workout for earning his meals. And while doing so, make sure to practice social distancing and healthy hygiene to protect yourself from the wrath of this deadly virus.