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Plastic-free, is there any world like it? Because where I live, everything starts and ends with plastic. There is plastic in everything. If I think of any merchandise range, it never ends up without plastic. From food to hygiene, medicines to beauty products, everything comes up with a synthetic cover. As per records, every minute, people buy around one million plastic bottles. So, why this is happening? Certainly, it’s not wrong to say here that folks across the world are addicted to this indestructible product. Admittedly, it’s affecting the entire biosphere. Just like we don’t litter our driveway with plastic, same way we shouldn’t be littering our environments.

From ground to oceans, oceans to aquatic life, and from fish to humans, it’s making up the whole way. Honestly, it is high time to lessen the use of plastic. So, here we’re presenting some incredible means by which you can kick start your plastic detox challenge. 

Use Renewable Bags

Fruits and vegetables are essential for our overall well-being. And sadly, plastic packaging can ruin every health benefit we get through food. To avoid that and to pass your plastic detox challenge successfully, learn about reuse. With plastic bags, the market is full of reusable bags too. So, by investing in reusable containers, you get durability, health, and a plastic-free life. With this in mind, next time, don’t forget to carry a reusable bag during your grocery shop visit. It’s the first step to make your life plastic-free. So, work on it diligently. 

Say no to Plastic Ware

In the house parties, to avoid hassles, people often go for using plastic ware. But, believe us, it’s non-worthy and highly damaging. Of course, you’re sacrificing health as well as harming the environment with more plastic use. Try to avoid and say a big NO to disposable chopsticks, spoons, plates, and forks. What is scary about this non-renewable product that it never goes away. It is breakable, but no one can get rid of it completely. Enjoy your meals in your favorite utensils. This way, you’ll protect the nutrients in your food as well as while doing dishes, you can lose some weight too. And lastly, you’ll be not harming the environment at least at your end. 

Carry Your Glass Container

Whether it’s your regular coffee during office hours, or an evening beverage, enjoy it in your daily glass container. Now, here you can opt a trick, try to utilize jam and butter glass bottles as drinking glasses. Indeed, glass is a safe option from both ends. It helps you with plastic detox, and it is environment-friendly as well. So, from next time, don’t throw the glass containers, and rather than taking the branded selfies, start a new trend. Just caption your eco-friendly step nicely holding your glass and share it on Insta. You’ll not only make your plastic detox attempt successful but surely inspire many.

Learn to Refill

Instead of throwing the water bottles and vegetable containers, try to refill them. This is a way by which at least you can ensure the limited use of plastic. Records say that 1.5 million tons of plastic trash are the outcomes of plastic water bottles. So, stop throwing those and start refilling them. Additionally, you can also ignore plastic packaging by taking your tiffins along for food takeouts. Even if you order food home, make sure you receive it in your own containers. Every single step will help you win over plastic.

Use homemade Cleaning Products

If you have observed, then you might have noticed every cleaning product comes in plastic packaging. So, why we are encouraging such supplies? No clue, right? There are many ways by which one can make their own homemade cleaning products. We understand that it requires effort, but surely, it has many promising results. So, stop welcoming multiple plastic bottles like toilet cleaners, window cleaners, roof cleaner, and tile cleaners from now onwards. Stick to basics like vinegar and white soda for cleaning chores. And delete at least 20 percent of plastic from your life.