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Do you feel that you are living in an uneven relationship with your dog?

Sometimes, does it look like your dog doesn’t love you the way you love them?

Well, trust us when we say that your dog loves you more than he loves himself. After all, it goes without saying that dogs are a (wo)man’s best friend.

Apart from being a healthy companion, studies show that living with a dog alleviates stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental problems.

But what if due to one reason or the other, your dog has to stay away from you?

That’s where emotional support dog laws will help you and they can be only applicable if you have an ESA letter. Having an emotional support dog letter can help you  stay with your four-pawed buddy whenever and wherever you desire.

If you have thoughts on whether to get an emotional support dog or not, here are 10 reasons which may help you to make a decision that how much you need your canine companion and to prove that there is mutual love between you two.

1.   Emotional support dogs literally lean on you

Like humans, dogs also need extra attention. So whether you are working or chilling, they will come around  and show their love, care, and affection by leaning on you with their open mouth and relaxed eyes. It is a way of giving you attention and asking for it at the same time. This act of leaning shows that your dog feels completely safe, secure, and comfortable with you.

2.   They love eye contact

Like every other dog, emotional support dogs ‘hug with their eyes’. Studies show that when a dog engages in intimate eye contact with his human, they release a chemical called oxytocin. It is the same hormone that bonds new mothers with their babies. Eye contact is a useful tool for a dog to show its trust, love, and affection.

3.   Your furry pet  will bring you their toys

How do you feel about sharing your personal stuff with others?

We only share our personal belongings with the one we deeply feel the emotional connection with. Offering you their most prized possessions just show how much they honor you and how much well-loved you are.

4.   Dogs love to lick

Dogs are used to licking. As puppies, their mothers communicate with them through licking to make sure they are clean and secure. In a similar fashion, a dog thinks that he needs to lick you. This shows that they respect you and care for your security. And of course, this is a way of saying “I like you so much, my human!”

5. Constant jumping and tail wagging

The human face is important to dogs. The moment you enter your house they will jump and wag their tail till the time you hold them and cuddle them. They also roll on their backs and ask for a belly rub. This behaviour shows how precious you are to them and how much they miss you when you aren’t around. They tell you how much they trust you and how excited they are to see you.

6.   They follow you wherever they can

Dogs don’t understand the meaning of ‘alone time’. They always want to be with you and they somehow don’t understand the concept of personal space. They will follow you everywhere as if protecting you. Appreciate the fact that they are so much attached to you.

7.   Emotional support dogs are empathetic

Being social animals, dogs have the instinct to take care of their pack. And in the case of ESAs, you are their pack. If you ever fall sick, they will constantly stay near you and watch over you. They can detect emotions and empathize with a human when ill or distressed.

8.  Dogs are your best sleeping buddies

It’s natural for your dog to sleep with you since they consider you as their family. If not on your bed, they will sleep in your bedroom to make sure that you sleep calmly without any disturbance. They show that they are loyal to you and are ready to save you from eminent emotional or physical danger.

9.   They love to see what’s cooking

Emotional support dogs will nudge you with their noses. They will sniff you all around to get familiar with your scent. It’s their way of greeting you and showing their affection towards you. Sniffing is like a handshake for them: a friendly, getting-to-know-you gesture.

10. Dogs smile at you

Just like those smiling dogs you see on Instagram, emotional support dogs do pull their lips back to reveal a big, wide, toothy grin. Along with their grin comes a loose and slobbery tongue which shows a good mood. Their relaxed body and behaviour show their level of happiness and contentment when they are around you which takes away your stress and depression far away from you.

Yes, sometimes they go to a quiet area and take a nap. But that doesn’t mean they are avoiding you. Even then they will constantly ‘check-in’ on you whenever they feel the need.

After all, you mean the world to them.

These warm and fuzzy creatures love to be the emotional and physical protector which is the perfect reason for you to get an ESA and an emotional support dog letter today.

Emotional support dog laws safeguard the interests of ESA holders and allow them to travel and live with their pet conveniently. If you have an emotional disability or if you think that there is a mental problem at bay, don’t hesitate to see a doctor online and ask them how pet therapy helps.