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20 Thousand Photographs This Artwork Can Be Downloaded For Free

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Want to see the works of phenomenal world artists in various parts of the world? Now you do not have to worry anymore, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has uploaded nearly 20 thousand photos of artwork that can be downloaded for free.

Over the past two years, LACMA has successfully acquired the works online. There are 20 thousand images available in the public domain version.

Reporting from My Modern Met, Wednesday (6/12/2017), not only paintings but also there are pictures sculptures, sculptures, and other works of art that are thousands of years old. Overall, the museum has uploaded 80,000 images on their site, but not everything is free.

Peeped from the site, visitors can find the desired photos with ease. On the site there are parts of highlights, chronology, curatorial areas, and much more.

For example, visitors typing the word ‘cactus’, then will appear a photo of paintings and objects associated with cactus plants. Mondrian, Cezanne, and Degas artworks are also available in free formats.

When detikHOT tried to search on the official website, with the keyword Kobayashi Kiyochika then appeared the painting titled ‘Mount Yoshino, Cherry Blossoms’ in 1897. On the site there is also a photo of the sculpture ‘Cleopatra’ by Circle of Pierre Julien made in 1795. As well as the Paul Cezanne ‘Soul-Bois’ painting in 1894.

Filipino Artist Creates a Goddess’s Painting of Myths

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Philippine artist Katrina Taule was able to create amazing paintings inspired by folklore. Through the scratch of his hand, the colors of the goddess were drawn as real.

Taule drew the painting of the goddess with expressive colors. Some Art Nouveau wing pictures, others look more contemporary. Focusing on the feminine and natural images, his work is divided into several series.

Monday (4/12/2017), one series is The Tea Project. She presents women in the real world and the fantasy world personifies various flavors of tea. One of the paintings entitled ‘Infuse’, the model seemed to be brewing tea from a guitar instrument.

But there is also a picture of a woman whose body is submerged halfway in a pool of water. With a wistful face, his paintings are surrealistic.

“My work explores many things, one of which remains about the charm of women,” he said.

In another series entitled ‘Enchantment’, Taule drew women from myths and folklore. Like the ‘Voyage’ painting, a woman is depicted as a riding prince rising on a goose.